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How Many of Saturn’s Moons Can I See Through a Telescope?
When you've seen Saturn's rings, her moons are the next feature to hunt for. She's got 62 all together, but do you know how many you can see through a 6" telescope?
What Planets are Visible Tonight? The Indispensable Astronomer’s Guide to the 5 Visible Planets in 2017
One of the most common questions we're asked is: "What planets are visible tonight?" This article answers that, and many more questions, for each of the 5 visible planets.
Moon Coordinates: Your Complete Guide to Using Selenographic Coordinates
Finding features and objects on the Moon's surface is easy when it's a large mare. But when you're looking for a small crater, you'll need to know how to use the Selenographic Coordinate system (don't worry, it's easier than it sounds!)
An Astronomer’s Guide to the Best Books About the Moon
Looking at the moon through your telescope is one of the easiest and most rewarding activities for an amateur astronomer. To help get even more out of it, we've reviewed the five best books about the moon, from maps to pictures and questions to Apollo.
Our Guide to the Best Moon Filters
Looking at a gibbous moon through your telescope is really bright, which means you just won't see the detail which brings the lunar surface to life. You need a lunar filter to rescue your eyes and put some contrast back!
See The Moon in a New Light: Why You Should Use a Lunar Map
Observing the moon is a always great for astronomers, but is made a hundred times better when you know what you're looking at! If you're not yet using a Lunar Map to get the most out of your observations, this is why you should be!
How Many Craters are on The Moon?
What do you know about the moon's craters? This article tries to answer all the questions I could think of.
How to Clean a Telescope Lens in Five Simple Steps
Cleaning your telescope lens might just be what's needed to bring it back to life. Follow these five simple steps to do it effectively and with low risk to your valuable optics.
How to Observe the Moon
This is our comprehensive beginners guide to observing the moon and getting great results. You'll discover its phases, the best way to look at the moon and the names of the biggest craters you can see easily with a small scope or binoculars.
How to Use a Planisphere
What is it, why you MUST have one, how they work and some hacks to get the very most out of your planisphere.
How Telescopes Work (and why your eyes don’t)
Forget what you've been told, magnification is NOT how telescopes work! Just one thing defines how well a telescope works... and it's revealed here.
12 Messier Objects you’ll Wish you’d Found Sooner!
Messier objects are some of the best sights in the night sky, these 12 will keep you going all year long.
Telescope Eyepieces: All you Need to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask!
Eyepieces are responsible for getting the best out of the image your scope collects, this article explains how they work, which are the best ones and how to pick the right magnification for you.
Astronomy Magazine -versus- Sky & Telescope Magazine
These two are the biggest magazines in Astronomy - I pit them against each other to discover which one is the best for backyard astronomers.
Stunning Pictures of the 2015 Venus and Jupiter Conjunction
When two of our brightest planets dance together in the sky, brilliant photographers create amazing images!
9 Top Tips for Stunning Night Sky Views
Getting the most out of an evenings viewing requires some prep - which of these tips are on your list?